Organization Culture

UFIG provides its employees with a positive environment that motivates innovation and helps realize achievements in the various areas of activities they perform. Capitalizing on the well-established tradition of putting its human assets on the focus, the company always seeks to recruit, train, develop and maintain knowledgeable, selected manpower.

EmployeeRelationWorking with UFIG is viewed as enrichment of expertise and knowledge, while helping those who are excellence-oriented pursue their professional careers, supported by an amicable, encouraging atmosphere. UFIG allows the opportunity for all its employees to excel, and get promoted, owing to the creative performance appraisal system and the incentive schemes we apply.

Based on our belief in human capital as the most important asset, we are keen to provide a healthy, secure and comfortable environment in all of our facilities. UFIG adopts highest global standards in the areas of vocational health, safety and security. We always make sure that all our facilities, as well as our products, are the outcome of environment-friendly settings, making us the preferred working place in the market.

Why work with UFIG?

We uniquely provide a whole host of features that attract professionals to work with us:

  • Positive working environment.
  • Stability.
  • Training and development.
  • Integrated benefits and incentive schemes.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • Productivity motivators.
  • Health, Safety and Environment oriented.
  • Convenient office and facility settings

The diversity of UFIG activities allows the availability of job openings in the various areas of activity: